Public Interest Technology (PIT) at ASU is committed to advancing public value. Public value is not something found or created through isolated study. It requires working closely with communities to develop solution-driven research that improves quality of life while cultivating knowledge. It also requires taking responsibility for the social, economic, and cultural health of the communities that we serve. This ethos of engagement is foundational to PIT efforts across ASU and ingrained in how we approach and conduct every endeavor. Engagement around PIT at ASU is local to global and involves both educational and research activities.

33 Buckets
ASU Open Door is a cross-university event that invites the Arizona public to discover innovative research at ASU. Visitors gain access to labs, museums, and classrooms, and participate in hands-on activities across the university campuses.
ChemAttitudes, a project housed in the Center for Innovation in STEM Learning, is dedicated to increasing public interest in chemistry through education and engagement.
The Cluster Project is a design competition that challenges interdisciplinary students to solve real-world problems. The competition was established in 2007 and is housed in the Herberger Institute for Design and Arts.
Grassroots Energy Innovation, a project theme in the Center for Energy and Society, advances society’s most vulnerable members through energy innovation.
Risk Bites