Public Interest Technology (PIT) at ASU is global. This perspective means that our responsibility to the public good does not stop when we reach state or national borders. Rather, we promote positive social, environmental, and technological outcomes across the world. PIT initiatives like SolarSPELL, Global Resolve, and the Global Security Initiative leverage applied-learning and cutting-edge expertise to generate solutions to global challenges. Student engagement and justice-driven agendas support education, equitable development, and socio-technical well-being in communities abroad. PIT at ASU’s commitment to global thinking and action is made possible through rich partnerships and programs housed in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and elsewhere across the university. These programs and partnerships prioritize individual and community need regardless of geography to advance public interest at a global scale. 

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The Global KAITEKI Center's objective is to create a means by which Mitsubishi Chemical can assess the social value of future businesses under a variety of conditions and take strategic decisions to pursue investments and innovations of social value under conditions of deep uncertainty.
Grassroots Energy Innovation, a project theme in the Center for Energy and Society, advances society’s most vulnerable members through energy innovation.